Friday, March 15, 2013

Mar 15 - I saw Ray Bradbury today

Wednesday, March 15, 1972 - Page 75
LOCATION: Newport Beach & Fullerton, California
(12:32 AM - 3/16/1972)
Got up at 12:30. Wasted time and cleaned up my room and attic. It is a job that's not yet completed. Went to see "Dandelion Wine" tonight so I have to go to school tomorrow to mention it to Miz Lyons. She had told me about it (Bradbury wrote it). Chunk, Winnie & a couple of their friends went with me (actually, I went with them -- they had tickets from their English class). The ticket booth said they were sold out -- fortunately a girl was standing by with an unused ticket (her boyfriend couldn't make it) so I bought her's. Katheryn or Kathleen, her name was -- a secretary at Cal State Fullerton taking English there.

Dandelion Wine cover

Ray Bradbury in 1975
I saw Ray there (Bradbury, that is). I neglected to get his autograph or talk with him. [Grady2015 says: I remember seeing Mr. Bradbury standing beside the line of people entering the theater. He was there with a shorter friend, waiting to deal with any fans who might approach him. I told my brother & Wendy, "Hey, look over there. That's Ray Bradbury." At that time very few people knew what this man looked like. I wish I'd had the guts to walk up and say, "Thank you for your wonderful stories, Mr. Bradbury." But instead, when he looked directly at me, I pretended I didn't know him.] I've gotta meet him some time (just because he's a lousy writer it doesn't mean I don't respect the guy -- he's got a big name and ya gotta respect that). We got out at 11:30 and I got home at midnight -- it was a long play (3 hours). Missed second half of W.S.S. [TV broadcast of West Side Story]. It is now 12:43 and five seconds. The end.
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